Are you ready to generate highly relevant, organic search traffic for your business?

In reality, this is actually a tough goal to reach, regardless of your solid SEO focus. Below some latest statistics for 2023 Google search result expectations:

  • +65% of online experience is still search
  • +80% search prefer organic over ads
  • <5% of Google searches hit page two.
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Notice even more videos showing up on Google search results? Google owns YouTube…!

YouTube is a massive search engine, with over 1.5 Billion unique monthly visits… How-to and education content is growing fast in demand. Some of the latest statistics for 2023 YouTube search:

  • +90% of internet users watch video content online each week.
  • +60% of internet users watch a tutorial or how-to video regularly.
  • YouTube is the world’s second-most visited website.

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Learn solid tactics leveraging your YouTube videos to show on top Google search results!

We have been testing an awesome new ranking system by Paul Murphy which leverages YouTube videos for solid ranking on Google search. The key process involves: 

  • Create a playlist of your videos on a dedicated YouTube channel.
  • Select the relevant keywords and video tags which you are targeting.
  • Prepare a focused video description, plus a few more special & important condsiderations.

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Who should use YouTube to leverage search ranking?


Digital Marketers

Leverage cloud platforms to manage the diversity of on-going digital marketing tasks. Bundle activities for maximum impact, efficiency, and cost benefits.

Brand Agencies

Chatbot technology has enabled the growth of conversational marketing, allowing focused engagement with your visitors and direct email collection for offline marketing.

Online Business

Getting top search rankings can provide organic traffic, reducing the need for costly digital ad spend, while forging awareness to new search-driven prospects. 

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